Zoya Limited Edition Guilty Pleasures Trio

26 Sep

Yesterday I posted a preview of Zoya’s Winter 2012 collection. Turns out they have another collection coming out around the same time! It’s called the Guilty Pleasures Gift Box Trio.

It comes with 3 full size (.5 oz) bottles. The first is a black color called Raven, on the Zoya website it is described as a satiny black with subtle silver shimmer. In this picture though, it just looks black. The other base color is a basic white called Purity. It’s just a pure white, no hint of shimmer or anything. Then, there is the most important part of this box, the 18K gold flake top coat, Guilty.

You can preorder it here. It costs $30, which actually isn’t too bad, considering other gold top coats sell for just as much for only 1 bottle, while this one comes with three. It’s like paying $10 for each polish, or buying just the gold top coat for a “normal” price, and getting 2 free! 🙂

IMPORTANT NOTE!: If you want this awesome deal, preorder it NOW. Zoya says on their website that once the presell is all sold out, they’re done selling it, for good (due to the scarcity of gold). Also, you will not be charged for it until it actually ships to you on October 15, 2012.


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