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Wet ‘N Wild Blazed Swatch

26 Sep

I have a whole rack of drugstore polishes that I almost never use. I was going through them the other day, looking to see which ones I wanted to keep, and which I should probably get rid of soon. This one really caught my eye.

I did the best I could to photograph this polish to make it look true to the color. This is Wet ‘N Wild’s Blazed. It’s super hard to describe because it’s the perfect mix of orange and pink, so I guess it’s considered coral. It’s a little more orange in real life. Even on the nail, it looks super pink until you put it next to a hot pink kind of color, then the orange in it really shows. It’s one of my favorite “Wild Shine” colors that I have, probably because it’s so unique.

Again, it looks pretty pink here but that is pretty true to the real life color in most lights. It’s a really pretty color, especially for being only a dollar or 2. It had sort of a jelly finish to it, which means it was pretty sheer. This is 3 thick coats and it’s still very see through. It’s hard to tell in this picture but in real life, you could see it clearly. Sheer polishes really bother me, but this one didn’t for some reason. Other than the sheerness, I love this color. It’s very fun but maybe not for fall.