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Orly Monster Mash Swatch

23 Sep

Today I have a swatch of Orly’s Monster Mash from the Halloween 2012 Spellbound Collection. It’s probably my favorite of the 3 I picked up, which is odd because I’m not usually a fan of greens. But, I do love glitter 😀

Monster Mash is a green holo top coat glitter with hexagon, bar, and micro glitter. All the glitter has blue/green/yellow holo effect and it’s so gorgeous. Instead of layering it over black or white, I picked another green.

I chose Sinful Colors HD Nails. It’s just a regular shiny green. I almost matched these too almost too perfectly because the glitter didn’t show up that well against the green except in the sunlight. I actually swatch all of my polish on nail wheels, so instead of just showing you guys Monster Mash on my nails, I also snapped a pic of it on my wheel.

This is 2 coats of Monster Mash over a white/creamy “nail”. The orange color next to it is Right Amount of Evil, from the same collection.

This is 1 coat of Monster Mash over 3 coats of HD Nails. The formula on this was fine, the glitter kept wanting to clump together but it was an easy fix. HD Nails was a bit sheer at first but at 3 coats it evened out. The dry time on these were both great. That’s surprising because usually drugstore brands take forever to dry. I think Monster Mash is such a gorgeous color. But, next time I’ll layer it over a different color, maybe white.


China Glaze Deviantly Daring Swatch

10 Aug

The other day I ordered a couple polishes from transdesign.com along with another polish rack, because my other 2 are overflowing 🙂 I ordered OPI DS Magic and 5 China Glazes, including Deviantly Daring from the new Bohemian collection.

The Bohemian Collection consists of 6 duochrome colors. For some reason, this one stood out a lot to me. It’s a metallic turquoise with blue color shift. The color in the bottle looks beautiful, but on the nail, it was a little disappointing. 😦

The duochrome was nowhere near as prominent as it was in the bottle. It just looked like a very metallic turquoise color. It was pretty, but I was really expecting the blue to come out a lot more than it did. I’m not usually a fan of duochromes though, they’re always kind of streaky from the brush strokes. The coverage was good though, only 2 coats here.

Although it’s not my favorite China Glaze polish, it’s still very pretty and metallic.